Sound of My Voice – Cults & MacGuffins

*Secret Handshakes*

Sound Of My Voice is a soon to-be-released psychological thriller about a journalist and his girlfriend who get pulled into the subject of their undercover research while they investigate a cult whose leader claims to be from the future.

The SOMV website plays a 12 minute intro to the film whilst layering bookmark indicators at key points during the vignette. Via research and observation, you become the researcher and the viewer and in doing so fall into the trap of being pulled into the plot of the film.

As you watch the clip you are soon absorbed into the storyline and the characters involved and at various points shown clues to the plot; prompted by magnified sections of the film inviting you to ‘educate yourself’ or share your questions and discuss. Theses pop ups take you to existing websites as if you are doing your own investigative journalism.

Links include clips of how to escape from zipties, someones blog about anchor tattoos, demonstrations as to how to conduct specific hand shakes, the history of Mountain Valley  spring water, etc. You assume these links are genuine as they have been curated by the website producers and seem to play an imporant part in the film…yet you also wonder if they have been manufactured to look that way as if purely used as a distraction or device to the main plot eg. a Macguffin

This website creates a great interplay between building suspense for a movie by slowly revealing clues and getting a sense of  the tone of a film and avoids the typical overly edited spoon feeding trailers.

Research and inspiration for the plot of the movie invites you to be a part of the movie and empathise with the role of the journalist. The layered cross referencing integrated with the narrative leaves you wanting more and is a great teaser to go and see the movie.





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