Divination imagery from Wellcome Trust

Imagery from the amazing Wellcome Trust Image Library

Chart from 'The Phrenological Journal' ("Know Thyself"), print from Dr. E. Clark.

Chart showing the basic elements of phrenology, physiognomy and palmistry, with diagrams of heads and hands, and portraits of historical figures. Lithograph, late 19th century.

An old fortune-teller is reading a young woman's fortune by looking at tea leaves at the bottom of a cup. Engraving by Sharpe after Crowley, 1842.

A woman telling a man's fortune. Watercolour by A. E. Chalon

A rosary, a medallion of St Benedict, a charm said to cause loss of eyesight, and hands showing lines and features to be interpreted by palmistry (including lines forecasting violent death); all illustrating 'superstition'. Engraving.

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